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If you’re wondering about where to wander then you’ve come to the right place. Endowed with unique and picturesque landscape and geography, trekking in Nepal is the most fulfilling adventure and ultimate life experience which will remain indelible in your mind. At the same time it is as challenging as it is adventurous. Our two decades of experience come in handy to meet up with the challenges and give you the fulfilling experience and service.

Himalayan Wanderer takes the client’s satisfaction and safety the utmost priority. We are here to guide you to the most extreme trails ever found in the world and take you near to the majestic beauty of Himalayas. We are licensed professionals working over two decades mostly from the Sherpa community who have made their distinguished niche in the trekking profession.  We give special attention to the needs and interest of the client and offer them the wide variety of packages including trek, whitewater rafting, leisurely safari or just sightseeing in reasonable price. We also make custom tailored packages as per the request from the client.

Come with us to have the most relishing journey and adventure and experience the unique local cultures and hospitality. Contact us and let us know your choice. We are here to serve you. Come and wander with us.





Travelling needs a companion to make it fun and exciting. We as a company do not act as a typical business house but would like to accompany you in your travel and provide you the best travel experience.  We give you the reasons below to make us your travelling companion:

1. Two decades of experience:


We have two decades of experience in travel business. The experience and knowledge are the basic things to make the travel more reliable and safe. As an organization we are 8 years old but our team consists of the guides who are nourished with decades long experience. 


2. We are from Sherpa community:


Sherpas are known for their valour, honesty and their mountaineering skill in the world. We are the descendants from the Sherpa community from the high mountains of Nepal. We are well familiarized with the topography, language, people and the weather condition of the trekking routes. At the same time it makes us easy to mingle with the person from different backgrounds easily as we have been habituated to such conditions since childhood.  


3. Good track records:


We are well recognized in the trekking community for our good track records. Our clients have given the overwhelming positive responses.  Some of their grievances were well acknowledged and addressed properly.  The chairman of the company, Mingma Dorji  

Sherpa, has been recognized with accolades for his invaluable service in the rescue operations in a program of Life Documentary of Inaki Ochoa in Spain.


4. Safety and Reliability:


Safety and reliability are out topmost priority. We guarantee your safety and rely us 100%. Having been for two decades in the travel business it makes us a reliable travel partner. We give our clients the informed choice about the risks and safety and never do the activities that put our clients in the harm’s way.


5. Affordability:


We offer reasonable price to our valued customers.  Traveling with us will not be a burden but it will be extra amenity. We have various discount schemes. We offer student discount, family travel discount, loyal customer discount and discount to the customers referred by our old clients. If one organizes a group of 15 people, then we provide a free trip to the team leader as well. 


6. Tour packages and tailored itineraries :


We offer wide variety of tour packages as per the client’s wish and interest. We offer trekking, hiking, rafting, sightseeing, jungle safari, bird watching, bungee jumping and mountaineering.  Apart from this we make customized tailored itineraries as per the client’s priority and request. 



We have given the reasons to make us your travelling companion. Now the decisions is yours to choose us. 


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