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Before you come

Travelling is not just packing your back with stuff you need during your journey but also the need of being knowledgeable about the destination you are heading towards. Travelling first time to Nepal? Well, the following things can be supportive enough to plan your trip further. 
When is the best time to come?
The month from October to December is regarded to be best season to visit Nepal. In the abovementioned months tourist can not only experience the cool weather but also major festival of Nepalese. Besides that, March to April is also the months whereby, visitors can plan their trip to Nepal. 
What do I need to pack?
Nepal can offer varieties of things that you need for your daily activities so you can stress on packing light. The tourist center here has entire things you might need. If you are here for trekking, it is better to brig trekking shoes along or you can buy trekking gears in Nepal for pretty expensive amount. It is better to carry your gadgets and chargers along with adapter because it might be difficult to get the charger plugged in. Adding to that, checking the voltage of electronics is crucial to eschew dysfunction of devices. Having said that, we can conclude tourists can pack light while visiting Nepal.
How do I get to Nepal?
Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA)
If you are visiting Nepal by air then it is TIA, Kathmandu where you land. It is only an international airport in Nepal After landing; there is simple procedure to go through visas and customs. Visa can be obtained on arrival. US dollar or any other convertible currencies, two passport size photos, a pen along with the information of your stay (address and contact details) is needed during the procedure. It will be a great idea to carry photocopies of your invaluable documents as well. 
After the completion of immigration process there is various options to get to your hotel. Either a representative will pick you up or you can take a taxi from the taxi parking area within airport premises. 
There are many means of transportation being taxi, tourist bus or local bus. Taxi is very expensive to commute within Nepal. 
Where to stay?
There is a tourist locality in Kathmandu city center known as “Thamel”. Many tourist book a hotel within Thamel. There are many choices that this area offers in terms of hotels being: motels, inns or apartment. Travelling around Kathmandu valley from Thamel area is relatively easy. This area basically encompasses all the product and service as per tourists’ accordance.
What do I get to eat?
Nepal is multi- ethnic and so is food. However, Nepal staple is rice, curry and daal. The common foods are: momo.gundruk dihdo, sel roti, chatamari, yomari samay baji, kheer, gravy meat, aloo tama to name a few. Packing snack during a trip can be a very good idea. But Nepal can provide you with different international cuisines as your order and cravings in the major cities. But if you plan to pay a visit to the remote area you are likely to be served with Nepalese staples and local produce. Nepalese use their right hand to eat food rather than spoons and fork. 
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